Sooooo….I’m @ work and I decided to go ahead and enter the door to the wonderful world of blogging… Still working on the details of my acct and figuring this thing hold tight blog-o-sphere! Anywho, I’m @ wrk the day after Christmas and have made several attempts at being productive..but needless to say, my mind is totally somewhere else! Saw a great movie last nite..((It’s Complicated))..VERY VERY cute movie. I took alot from it! I’m sucha rebel..I do my own thing in life..I make my own rules..I’m the BOSS of ME..tee hee…LOVE HAS NO RULES..B fearless….

Hmmm.. Will this blogspot entail the many facets of me? I think so..Just a way to vent and release my inner frustrations,thoughts, & etc… Stay tuned for the randomness!

2 fingas….♥