Okay…I’ve been listening to both of the above cds and I’m a little disappointed in both! I bought both cds with hopes that they’d be one of those cds that you could listen to from beginning to end.. So much for that..I’ll highlight my fav’s…Lets start w/Kellz!


Track 2(Exit),Track 3(Echo),Track 4(Bangn the headboard),Track 6(Whole Lotta Kisses),Track 8( #1 w/Keri Hilson),Track 15(w/Tyrese,Robin Thicke, & The Dream)…

If I could pick one track, #15 would be my fav…It’s definitely child-bearing muzik! lol…And anything that comes out of Tyrese’s lips can’t help but me sexy! OMG…chocolate goodness! I’ll continue to support Kellz..his muzik has definitely evolved..Not feeling the whole club Kellz..He should stick with what works for him! Just sayin!

The Element of Freedom

Track 6(Tha’ts how strong my love is) Track 7(Unthinkable-I’m ready)

There are probably 2 other trax that are mediocre..But these 2 are my fav..Track 6 is definitely for the ride a die women who allow their love to conquer all.. It’s pretty darn obvious that Alicia is in LUV with Swizz..Married and all.. lol.. Who am I to judge? But they kinda look like brother and sister to me..whatever! lol

Still can’t stop listening to Trey Songz ! Anxious to hear Mary J’s new cd..Wonder if The Dream will take a break from making babies w/Christina Millian and get an album together..His last album was the bidness! “Call Laticia , Yo beautician!” lol Anyone heard Amerie? C Brown? Ryan Leslie?