AMBER ROSE IS A BAD BISH…THERE’S NO DENYING THAT! The chic has been seen on the pages & covers of the latest mags,front row at fashion week, and vacay’n it up courtesy  Mr. West! Can you say UPGRADE? Guess who aint mad? (ME) HER STYLE IS SO EDGY and rique`..AND SHE MANAGES TO PULL IT  OFF SO WELL…AND MIGHT I ADD,NO 1 CAN ROCK A ONESIE LIKE SHE! I MEAN NO ONE.. Hell, I’m slightly jelly!

ALEXIS P. HAD STYLE..ACTUALLY TONS of it!..SHE GRADUATED FROM SOME FASHION INSTITUTE IN CALI… and  has her own collection((Ghita))..  I often star gaze..and dibble my nose in the bizness of stars..and I don’t recall ever seeing Mr. West as happy as he is now.  Could it be that Amber Rose actually makes Kanye happy? The chic is gorgeous and doesn’t mind showing her camel toe? JUST sayn! Call it what you want ! I like them together! I’ve heard((read)) rumors of engagment??..lets just hope we can keep Amber outta baby Kanye’s onesie’s! 

So whose style do you prefer? Amber’s or Alexis’?

I think both of them have their own little edge and I’d rock fits worn by both! Hey, I could even accessorize w/the brown liquor! lol!

Keep it fashionable people! If you got it, flaunt it!