Some of us crave handbags, designer jeans, jewelry, foreign cars, the opposite sex(lol)…etc..I crave shoes! SO not the label-whore.(But w/some things..Brand matters!). I love all things that are pretty! ..Whether it cost a thousand dollars or 1 dollar! Makes me no never-mind! It’s no coincidence that the shoes women crave cost an arm & an azz!  Trust! Those designers create eye-catching shoes for women w/shoe fetishes.

There are two things that I’ll spend money on… JEANS & SHOES…Maybe even a clutch..I have an obsession for those! If my top is cute, trust and believe it probably didn’t cost much..Weirdly enough, I’ve just never seen a top that excited me to the point of spending hella!  But denim…Different story::::All jeans are not the same!!! I REPEAT! ALL JEANS ARE NOT THE SAME!!!  When I find a good pair..I get them..Almost forgetting about the cost! However, I do have a favorite brand(Hudson)..they work wonders for my god -given and worth every penny..And for all the ladies who belong to the same club as I(little big o booties), if you find a pair that compliments what you have.. INVEST ! GET THEM! ITS SO WORTH IT! 

Here are just a few pair of shoes that I’m die’n to have!   Enjoy!

 You only live once…Satisfy those cravings!