After skimming countless pages of the fashion mags, I’m super excited about the spring and so over fall! Fall has never been my season, for obvious reasons(Its cold,I’m normally sick, way too cold to be cute, and I’m such a rebel that I refuse to buy tons of winter clothes.)  Doesn’t help when I see the rich & famous  yachting and vacay’n it up in St. Barts,Cabo, etc! 8)

Anywho, I’ve compiled a few trends and attached them below.

{Silver jewelry,Neutral Shades, Small Purses,Color Block Prints,Fringe,Chunky jewelry,Shorts,Sporty Jackets,LEATHER,etc}

Never really been a fan of silver jewelry but I’m dig’n the anitque-rustique jewels that I’ve been seeing lately! Chunky is so in(THE BIGGER-THE BETTER).  Still die’n to find a collar-style necklace to suit my fancy. Digging the shorts,loving the jackets, and all shown above….Are you ready for summer?

Dear Summer, I miss you and desperately need you! So does my skin tone! Everything use to be so golden when you were around.  Please come back.  Your biggest fan….

~Cocoa Brown