Rhianna is showing and proving that 1 monkey don’t stop no show! And guess who aint mad? ME!

I was side-line hating when I heard rumors linking her to Drake,several months back, but now that it’s obvious that she and Los Angeles Dodger, Matt Kemp are an item..I’m cool! I love Drake by the way!!!!!  Anyway,  Matt is  scoring major points for the lite brites.  We all know that lite brites are so #1990.  My motto is,” the blacker the better!” 

Gone Rhi Rhi! witcha Special K…tee hee 8)

And….rumor has it that Matt  is Letoya’s old boo! ((See the pic below.. ))I could’ve sworn that her song, Regret, was for Slim Thugga..OOPs. GET OVER IT TOYA!


And here’s Matt-ie by his lonesome….