Are they not an adorable couple? Did you know they were both equally talented? His wife, Tarsha, is a gospel vocalist with amazing talent.   She also sang backup for Anthony on tour with his 2nd album, Coming From Where I’m From.   I KNEW I recognized her and that voice from somewhere but couldn’t quite put my finger on it! I got a upclose  & personal listen to Anthony @ the Essence Festival a few yrs back.  And I tell you I wanted to know WHO that backup singer was?? Never thought about it much more.. Well what do you know? She is NOW his wife! 

 I listened to a few of her youtube videos last nite and was blown away.  Her debut album, The McMillian Story, is  on iTunes and I can’t wait to listen.  If you’re a lover of Anthony just as I am..then I’m sure you’ve listened to his latest album, The Point of It All.  Their love for each other is more than evident on track #9, which was written by Anthony  specifically for  his wife, Tarsha.     


When asked about the track Anthony states, “I had to wake up because I could have hurt her. I was being selfish and I know that wasn’t fair to her so I had to step my game up and be a better half.” There is nothing more beautiful than a man publicly showing his affection for a woman.

In the credits of his album he goes on to say :“…God gave me you because He felt I would take care of you and that I would build in you and with you for His glory. I love you woman, with all I understand and that I don’t I seek. To love you deeper is why I exist…”     

My heart melted when I read that.