Okay..It’s been a minute people.. So quick re-cap of the AllStar festivies…

After countless attempts and delays to get out of the Lou, I FINALLY made it to Dallas about 11:00 pm on Friday nite.. Boarded the plane w/a full face of makeup and freshly showered.  My girls picked me up and we went out Friday Nite…Had a really good time and caught up with alot of the hometown/college alumni.  I don’t know why I wish to try an drink Vodka when I know darn well that it just doesn’t agree w/me..  The next day, I felt like crap! until about 1 o’clock. 

Saturday, we shopped all day and had a FAB dinner.. Never made it out the house that nite .  …Clear sign, that me and the girls are getting OLD! haha…. We were rejuvenated and ready to end the wkend off right! Sunday was cool, took in a little more shopping and more great food. Hung awhile @ the W…. and ummm..Lets just say we never made it out!!!!!(LOL) Overall, great wkend w/great friends!  However, I enjoy Dallas on  a regular wkend minus – Oak Cliff/South Dallas.  That is all!!!!! Here are a few pics:::