ISN’T HE JUST  DREAMY? HE KINDA RESEMBLES THE COLOUR OF MY MORNING COFFEE (NOT TOO DARK AND NOT TOO CREAMY) LOL..This  Buffalo Bill starting Safety, George Wilson, has the most amazing eyes and lips .  Thought you ladies could use this treat.  Read his 2 cents below on what he looks for in a mate, etc. 

 In terms of physical attributes, this perfect ten says his lady has got to have a nice grill and pretty feet. “I’m not a foot man, but the feet have to look nice when you wear your open toe sandals.”

Other than that, he’s open to anything.

“I like it all—long hair, short hair, light skin, dark skin. I don’t have a preference.”

George tells ladies to make sure they’re debt free and happy with who they are before they look for love.

“You can’t make somebody happy when you’re not even happy yourself, and you have the potential to bring down the next person,” the footballer who sounds more like a love guru at times says.

And a few more…