With spring just around the corner, the colors in essie’s spring collection are perfectly inspired. Even as we await the snow to melt the colors prepare us for the colors to come. Founder, Essie Weingarten said, “Art and fashion go hand in hand, and this season’s collections reminded me of the pop art fashion explosion.  My spring color collection is a reflection of that movement.”


The Art Of Spring Color Collection From Essie

From Left: Pop Art Pink: Sheer chiffon pink. Lilacism: Satiny smooth lilac. Neo Whimsical: Light as a feather rose-plum. Van D’go: Deliciously ripe melon. Tart Deco: Dreamy creamy coral. Red Nouveau: Fiery hot red pepper.


How to get kick-arse nails: Tips from Essie Weingarten

  1. To make your mani/pedi last, start with a base coat like First Base ($8). Base coats can dramatically increase the lifespan of painted nails (sometimes by weeks).
  2. Patience is a virtue! Wait a good two minutes between coats to let your polish set.
  3. Seal in color with a top coat (another way to “make it last”) like Good to Go! ($10).
  4. Give your mani/pedi a second wind and radiant shine with a coat of Shine-E ($15) applied a few days later.