So a few months ago, I was in search of a new flat iron.  I spent a pretty pennie on the GHD flat iron and I’m thrilled w/the results.  Not only is this iron the bomb, it’s worth every red cent.  Sorry it took so long for the results, I rarely do my hair on my own because of the amount of time it takes and secondly, I can never seem to get it as str8 as my stylist(go figure).  I’ve attached some pictures of my complete step by step kitchen fix’n!  Who ever said going natural was easy? Honey, they lied! lol.. It’s JUST as much work.


Detangled & Braided into sections

Air dry-ed and blow dried

1/2 mark using the GHD iron

And voila…

Here’s the link for more info..Chk out the reviews..

Also, this iron and my beloved Moroccan Oil(that I swear by) are both featured in Essence as THE HOTTEST NEW HAIR MUST-HAVE’S!!!!