Howdy blog world..I’ve been super busy but thought I should maket time to rant/rave about this WONNNNDERMUS product that I have now been using for about 6 wks.  It’s Rose& Grape Serum by The Grapeseed Company. It’s 100% natural, 80% organic, and plant derived!!!! and it is absolutely THE BOMB!!!!!!!

I initially planned to take before/after pics but didnt..8(     I can definitely say that I can notice a difference in the texture of my skin!

I use the Rose & Grape Serum on my entire face twice a day.  I rarely wear makeup(my beloved tinted moisturizer) on my skin because I don’t have to anymore. This was not always the case- and, I do still love my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer! But now I mainly use my Bobbi Brown Bronzing Brick,  a little mascara, & a lip gloss. Pretty simple huh? . I use to feel that I needed some type of makeup on before going to work..Now, I just GO….. The Rose & Grape Serum really does bring out your natural glow ! It’s totally worth every red penny! I’m anxious to try the entire skin care line.  I just MAY be saying goodbye to my Arbonne…. 8) Stay tuned…

Here’s a link to read more reviews ! —– >>>