By show of hands, who here regularly shaves their legs, under the arms or bikini area (I know I do)? If you raised your hands, then you’re going to find the information in this post very interesting.

Since I haven’t quite worked up the nerves to wax my legs & under arms, I STILL shave! I’ve been using the same shaving cream for the past yr or so(Aveeno for sensitive skin).  I was a bit skeptical about trying a nu shaving cream? But after reading that it was eco-friendly, non-foaming, & moisturizing—-> I was sold!

Soooo…With the first swipe of my razor I was sold. I was more impressed with how non-irritating it really was then how awesome it smelled. My only regret was thinking that it wouldn’t work and I really thought I’d suffer dire consequences for doing this (dry-shaving). Thankfully I was wrong because honestly, I have never-ever experienced a closer shave than this. I love it and it smells devine. Treat your nose & body with this shaving cream 8) You can find it at your local Target!