I had the amazing pleasure of taking a girls trip to Miami this past wkend with 4 fabulous women (T-Nak, Char,Patience, & Nic) !  A wkend filled w/great food, great people, & of course … a GREAT atmosphere!  Believe it or not, I had never been to Miami! Strange right? I feel as if I’ve been across the globe and back and still no Meee A Meee.  Well, that will all change after this trip.  Talk about a sexy city! Everyone is gorgeous! Beautiful hair, toned bodies, & etc,. Now of course there were some people there who had no business in a 2 piece or bathing suit period.  But, I guess anything goes in Miami.  I swear everyone had their EVERYTHING out! lol   It was a fab time and will definitely be on my list of places to go in the summer!  

Here are a few pics of myself & the rest of the “Fab Five” 8)