Like the old saying goes “a woman’s hair is her glory.”

It has also been said that a woman’s hair is her best accessory. 

When our hair looks/feels healthy, shiny and in place just the way we like it, all is right with the world. And when it’s not….. LOOK OUT WORLD!  For me, If my hair isn’t right, my mood is affected, the bathroom mirror makes me looks hideous, and on top of all that–I’m almost ALWAYS running late when I can’t quite get this mane together. 

Are we really so vain that our hair can affect our whole day?

Dr. Marianne LaFrance, Yale University Professor of Psychology and Women’s and Gender studies examined how individuals felt during bad hair days.

According to the study, bad hair days increases self-doubt and social insecurities. The study even found bad hair days can lead to poor job performance.

“Individuals perceive their capabilities to be significantly lower than others when experiencing bad hair,” Professor LaFrance stated in the research’s findings.

Surprisingly even men are affected. LaFrance says, “Men felt less smart and confident and females reported feeling more bothered and embarrassed than males.”

Interesting right? So this isn’t a gender thing, it happens to most, whether it’s your hair, your clothing, the vehicle you’re driving—we allow things to affect our attitude/impact our day-to-day that really shouldn’t.  

Suggestion, Perhaps we should get dressed from the inside—-> out…  8)