It’s Monday and I’m sitting at my desk wrapping up a few things.. And I thought, hmm… I should do a quick post of exactly what I’m thinking & feeling at this very moment. So here goes…

A few weeks back, I tweeted about not sweating the small stuff and choosing your battles wisely. I truly believe that life, relationships, and certain things are only as hard/complicated as we make them. I was recently sharing my little philosophy on life with SOS, which prompted this quick post, and these lyrics immediately came to mind…. Not only do they describe my current mood but kinda how I choose to live my life… And what better way to describe that than with lyrics by the Commodores(Easy like Sunday morning).. … =)

“I wanna be high ….. so high,
 I wanna be free to know the things I do are right,
 I wanna be free ….. just me , oh baby.

 Cause I’m easy …. easy like Sunday mornin
 It’s why I’m easy ….. easy like Sunday mornin”

Xx, AB