I adore wearing fragrance. The right ones can lift my spirits immediately and even make me feel more confident. The wrong one makes for an instant headache.

While it seems like fragrance shopping is an easy process, there are many who find it tedious.  SO,  I’ve compiled a list of helpfuls & my 2 cents.. Check out these basic rules that will help improve your perfume-wearing experience.

Don’t Rub Your Wrists Together.

One of the biggest mistakes women make when spraying a scent is rubbing their wrists together. The friction causes the scent to settle in a different way than the maker intended. Instead, just spray and let it dry.

Perfume and Hair Don’t Mix.

There are several potentially harmful chemicals used to create scents such as dye, alcohol and blends of different fragrances. In addition, the shampoo, conditioner and even the natural oils that your scalp produces could alter the aesthetic of the fragrance.

Focus on Hitting Pulse Points

More ideal pulse points to target with your favorite perfume is the base of the throat, behind the ear lobes, between your breasts, the backside of the elbows and along the collarbones. If you’re rocking a fab skirt, dress or pair of shorts during a night on the town, aim for the back of your knees.

Your fragrance should not enter a room before you or leave after you – even the nicest of scents are off-putting if you wear too much. =)

Just Because It’s Right For Your Friend Doesn’t Mean It’s Right For You

Perfume can smell differently on each of us because of our individual skin type, our diet and age. The moisture and levels of acidity in the skin can also affect how long the fragrance will last and how the fragrance will react.

Don’t Forget Perfume Has a Shelf Life

Perfume has a shelf life of about three years. Also, avoid storing them near direct sunlight or areas with high temperature.

Climate Matters

If you’re in a warm climate the smell of your perfume may be intensified as your body heats up, so you might want to wear lighter scents. Heat will cause the scent to evaporate more quickly and cooler weather aids with longevity.

Do Tell

Do you love wearing fragrances? Do you stick to one signature scent or wear a variety of fragrances depending on your mood? Do tell.